14 Decisions Made by Classroom Assessment

assessment decisions

Classroom assessment can help the teacher make decisions concerning his/her lesson teaching. These decisions depend on answering the following questions before, during and after teaching any lesson. They are as follow:

6 Assessment-based decisions made by answering questions before the lesson:
1. What input do students need to learn?
2. What interests of my students do I need to consider as I plan my lesson?
3. What materials are appropriate to use with students?
4. What learning activities do I need my students engage in during the lesson?
5. What objectives do I want my students to achieve as a result of my teaching?
6. How can I organize and arrange the students in the class for the lesson activities?

4 Assessment-based decisions made by answering questions during the lesson:
1. Is my lesson going well? Are students learning?
2. What should I do to make this lesson/activity work better?
3. What feedback should I give individual students about the quality of their learning?
4. Are my students ready to move to the next activity in the learning sequence?

4 Assessment-based decisions made by answering questions after the lesson:
1. How well my students achieved my objectives?
2. What strengths and weaknesses should I report about students’ learning?
3. How effectively did my students learn this lesson?
4. How effective were my materials, activities, class organization and teaching techniques I used?

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