16 Recommendations for Preparing a Good Test

1- Determine the purpose of the test.

2- Define the content area to be tested.

3- Choose and prepare appropriate and relevant items for the test.

4- Build your questions to match your pupils’ ability.

5- The amount of questions should suit the allotted time.

6- Printing should be clear. No handwritten exams.

7- Instructions should be clear and in understandable terms.

8- Arrange items from easiest to most difficult to reduce stress and encourage less able pupils to answer ( Gradation of questions).

9- No ambiguous questions. Avoid ambiguity and deluding words.

10- Questions should include different parts of the syllabus and not focus on certain lessons.

11- Accurate grading is very important.

12- Model answers should be written on a separate sample of the test paper.

13- All acceptable or possible answers should be included or written in the model answers.

14- Test different aspects ( reasoning / observation / comprehending / deducing ).

15- Test cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills that are included in the units.

16- Involve varied questions ( objective / subjective ).

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