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How to Read Aloud to Your Students

The reading aloud moments should be a special time when students feel comfortable sitting and listening with enjoyment. The content should be of high interest and valuable to students. The reading passage should not be too long, otherwise students’ attention will wander. In fact, the teacher needs to plan the read-aloud lesson to eliminate any […]

A Lesson Plan to Teach the English Novel

Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: Read for fun skimming and guessing the meaning of difficult words. Read for scanning and answer some questions on details of the chapter. Answer the questions on the chapter on the textbook. Act the scenes included in the chapter. Teaching aids: Set-book, Class […]

Teaching Reading Comprehension

The importance of teaching reading: Teaching reading in the English language course should include the following set of learning goals: 1- enable students to read a wide range of texts in English. 2- develop awareness of the structures of the written English texts. 3- develop the ability of criticizing the content of texts. 4- practice […]