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“Teaching Beginning Reading to ESL/EFL Learners” Now on Sale!

Students who fail at reading in English are unlikely to do well in English exams at school, so all ESL/EFL teachers in primary schools place much emphasis on developing the reading skills of their learners.

ESL/EFL teachers in primary schools are constantly searching for effective techniques that can help them produce effective results related to getting their students to read in English as quickly as possible, that’s why I’ve decided to create this eBook.

It is a practical guide for ESL/EFL teachers to teaching beginning reading and getting their students to read in English easily and quickly.

The eBook tackles the following main ideas:

  • What is reading?
  • The main approaches to teaching beginning reading.
  • The stages of teaching beginning reading.
  • Sample activities for beginning reading.
  • Some important guidelines for EFL teachers to follow before beginning to teach reading in English.

This eBook is Now on SALE for the Lowest Price for a Limited Time. 

I offer this step-by-step eBook guide not only for ESL/EFL teachers but also for parents to help them get their children to read in English easily and in a short time.

Moreover, if you buy this eBook, you will get another eBook on “Teaching Grammar in the Classroom to ESL/EFL Learners as a bonus from elttguide.com.

By selling this eBook, you will not only learn how to teach beginning reading to your students in the classroom but also you will support me with little money to continue my mission of helping ESL/EFL teachers teach English language more effectively.

With my love and appreciation
Mohamed Ramadan
Author & Teacher Trainer

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