Practical steps to teach & practice a conversation


Present the conversation:

1. set the scene telling students what the conversation is about and the names of participants.

2. present the new & key vocabulary. ( words/phrases ) using effective techniques.

3. ask students to listen to the whole conversation by playing the recording or reading the whole conversation for students and check understanding by eliciting the meaning of key words/phrases.

3. model the conversation with one or two brilliant students, then model it using two brilliant students.

4. focus on language functions in the conversation dividing it into mini dialogues and writing each one on the board to refer to the function included and how to express it.

Practice the conversation:

*Listen and repeat:

play the recording, students listen, focus on correct pronunciation, repeat correctly after the recording or after You.

*Role-play the conversation:

ask students to come to the front to produce the conversation using body language, gestures, … ( dramatize it ) & it’s preferable to do so without books.

*Free production:

create situations that resemble real-life communication & encourage students to use the phrases taught in the conversation.

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