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My Shortcut For Effective TEFL Lesson Planning

principles, steps and samples of EFL lesson plans
What is Lesson Planning? What is a lesson plan? Why is it important to plan every lesson? What are the principles of lesson planning? You can find the answers to these questions in this post: What Every EFL Teacher Ought to Know About Lesson Planning. What Should Be...
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Three New Printables Published On Printables’ Library

printables library focused and effective downloadable documents
I’ve Published Three New ELT Printables. When and how to correct students’ mistakes. 20 questions to ask yourself before printing your language test. Teaching letter writing – A lesson plan. Reminder: Printables’ Library is password protected. You can access it for FREE if you join my email list....
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A Free Printable EFL Lesson Plan Template

editable EFL lesson plan template
All teachers should understand that a lesson plan is not an end but it is a means and indicator. For supervisors, a good written lesson plan indicates that the teacher has enough information about the lesson and he is well mentally prepared to teach it effectively because a...
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