Teach Pronouncing English Individual Sounds

teach phonetics

General Overview:

Individual sounds include mainly the following:

1. Consonant sounds ( voiced or unvoiced )

2. Consonant clusters or blends.

3. Vowels ( short or long )


1. name the letter(s) and write it(them) on the board in uppercase & lowercase form.

2. say the sound of the letter(s) showing students clearly how to pronounce it with your mouth.

3. say some words that include the sound clearly.

4. use word and picture cards to point to the letter(s), say the sound and show the meaning.


1. ask students to repeat after you: the letter(s) and the corresponding sound.

2. ask students to repeat the words that include the sound.

3. write words that include different sounds on the board, say a sound and students circle the word(s) that contain that sound.

4. students match the similar sounds.

5. students give more words that contain a certain sound.

6. ask students to write a word that contain a certain sound.

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