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ELT Listening Skill Guide

It is a simple guide for English as a foreign language teacher to teach and develop their students’ listening skill in the classroom. This guide includes the following ideas:

* What is listening and why do we teach it?

* Factors affect listening.

* Types of cognitive processing when we listen.

* How to select good listening activities.

* Main purposes of listening.

* Main listening comprehension skills.

* Tips and steps to help low achiever students develop their listening skill.

* How to teach a listening lesson (lesson plan)



Teaching Grammar in the Classroom

If you want to present EFL grammar with ease to your students in the classroom and give them practice on using grammatical items, a practical step-by-step guide to doing so is now available for FREE for a limited time. This guide will tell you:

* What grammar is in ELT.

* The importance of teaching grammar.

* Methods of presenting grammar.

* Methods of practicing grammar.



Teaching Beginning Reading

If you are constantly searching for effective techniques that can help your students produce effective results related to reading in English quickly and easily, you need to get this guide.

It is a practical guide for EFL teachers to teaching beginning reading and getting their students to read in English with ease and as quickly as possible. The guide tackles the following main ideas:

* What is reading?

* The main approaches to teaching beginning reading.

* The stages of teaching beginning reading.

* Sample activities for beginning reading.

* Some important guidelines for teachers to follow before beginning to teach reading in English.



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