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What You Need To Get A TEFL Job: Five Main Things

If you decided to start a career of TEFL, you would need to explore and be aware of many things in order to make a success in this career. For example, you need to:

  • Be aware of the goals and intentions of the EFL course you are teaching. What is the main aim? Is it to provide students with practice and useful resources to enhance their English or is it to enable them to pass some national exams in the future?
  • Be aware of the suitable techniques that you can use to assess the students’ progress in English. How and when to apply these techniques? What are the formal specifications of the English exams? 
  • Explore the philosophy of the course you are teaching. The main methods of teaching on which the curriculum is based. How you can proportion the teaching time is. How much time you should allot to each aim?
  • Explore the expectations of the parents after their children end their EFL course.
  • Get ready to play the role of encouraging students to become lifelong learners.
  • Most importantly, take the kind of TEFL course that introduces you to the world of TEFL focusing on taking the course that presents a little amount of theory with many practical tips and pieces of advice to perform well in the classroom.

The next step that you should take to get a job in the TEFL field is to differentiate yourself from others by building and writing an effective resume and then preparing yourself for the TEFL interview ensuring that you know well the best TEFL interview techniques, and other skills you will need to display your value to potential employers.

There is a lot of demand for qualified individuals to become teachers of English as a foreign language, so I’m aiming from this article to ensure that you can find your way to the schools, companies, and organizations which are looking for someone like you.

Continue reading to look specifically at what you need to get ready to start marketing yourself to the kind of employers you would like to build a career with and get a job in the TEFL field helping students develop their proficiency in English.

1. College Degree:

Most schools and organizations will look for you to have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in order to become a TEFL teacher. That does not mean you need a BS or BA in TEFL. Major employers like to see your ability in speaking English fluently, your knowledge in Language Arts, Linguistics, Education, and Methods of Teaching. Again, the demand for employees is so high in the TEFL field that having a BS or a BA in TEFL for some employers does not count you out.

2. Work Experience:

For many of you, a 4-week TEFL course is your first step toward becoming a teacher, or toward becoming a TEFL teacher. Some of you may not yet have work experience. However, many organizations and schools welcome volunteer teachers at different levels of commitment. Some of these organizations and schools give priority to these volunteers to employ them. Other organizations and schools are looking for volunteer qualified individuals to supervise and manage their volunteering EFL staff, which could give you good experience in the TEFL career. Working for free at first shows that you are passionate about your future career and go a long way in the eyes of a potential employer.

3. A Strong Resume:

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4. Doing Well in the TEFL Interview:

Start with reading my featured guidepost: Ultimate Guide to Preparing for a Job Interview: 8 Tips That Guarantee Your Success in Any Interview, and then Subscribe to my blog for FREE from Here and select “Latest Updates” as your main interest to be notified with another featured guidepost I intend to publish later to tackle the top interview dos and don’ts in detail. In addition, I will publish a printable including the most common questions asked in the TEFL interview. You will have permission to download this printable and access my Printables’ Library for FREE if you are one of my blog subscribers.  

5. A Course in TEFL:

Courses in TEFL give you the background you need to look desirable to an employer. You may be required to get a specific certification, but many employers are looking for a background in TEFL, which enables you to stand on a solid base while you are teaching EFL.

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