Who Else Wants My eBook for FREE Before 25 Jan. 2019

I’ve written this post to announce to all my readers and followers that I’m going to launch my eBook: “Teaching Beginning Reading to ESL/EFL Learners” for low price on 25 Jan. 2019.

Why I wrote this eBook:

I wrote it simply because many ESL/EFL teachers asked for it. They told me that most of their students are challenged with learning to read in English and they are constantly searching for the suitable techniques that can help their young learners read quickly and easily in English. So, I’ve decided to write this eBook to exchange my experience with the teachers on the techniques they should use in the classroom, the guidelines they should follow and the reading tasks that can get most students to read in ESL/EFL classes with ease and in a fairly short time.

What the eBook includes:

  • What reading is.
  • Approaches to teaching beginning reading.
  • Stages of teaching beginning reading.
  • Sample activities for beginning reading.
  • Guideline before beginning to teach reading in ESL/EFL.

How to get the eBook for FREE (Before 25 Jan. 2019):

Now, you still have the opportunity to get this eBook for FREE if you click on the link of the book before the starting of 25 Jan. 2019 (Cairo Time). By clicking on the link, you will subscribe to my blog and you will not only receive a link to your FREE copy of the book, but also you will be informed with updates on my blog regularly.

Why not to keep it FREE:

On 25 Jan. 2019, I’m going to sell this eBook to get some money to support and help me continue my mission of helping ESL/EFL teachers teach English language more effectively. I’m going to keep it low priced so that many teachers can afford it.

Get This eBook for FREE Now

Moreover, If you are interested in how to teach reading comprehension and want practical tips to do so in the classroom, you can buy my latest eBook: Teaching Reading Comprehension to ESL/EFL Learners: A Practical Classroom Guide With Sample Reading Lesson Plans. Although it costs little but it includes much benefit especially for ESL/EFL teachers who search for practical steps that engage their students in reading and produce positive results. The main ideas tackled in this eBook are:

  • The nature of reading comprehension.
  • What should be done before starting a reading lesson.
  • Reading comprehension strategies and activities.
  • How to work with a reading text.
  • How to plan a reading lesson (with a model reading lesson plan).
  • How to develop your students’ reading comprehension so as to be efficient & advanced.

By selling this eBook, you will not only have control on teaching reading comprehension in the classroom but also you will support me with little money to continue my mission of helping ESL/EFL teachers teach English language more effectively.

Buy This eBook

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