Two Basic Ways to Present & Practice Language Functions

Language functions define what the person should say or write in communicative situations. The best way to present and practice these functions is in context by using real-life conversations. Typical Language Functions Inviting Suggesting Promising Apologizing Requesting information Agreeing Disagreeing Offering How to Teach a Conversation Start with reading the whole conversation while students listen. […]

Seven Steps to Teach Summary Writing

Although teaching summarizing is a valuable strategy and competency but it is one of the hardest strategies for students to grasp and one of the hardest strategies for you to teach. Can you imagine your students succeeding in school without being able to break down content into manageable small brief pieces? We ask students to […]

Teaching English to Young Learners Using Stories: The Ultimate Guide

Stories are effective educational tools because they are believable, memorable and entertaining. Children usually enjoy listening to, reading and telling stories so the use of storytelling creates a good learning environment. The Benefits of Using Stories in Teaching Children According to (Ellis and Brewster, 1991, p.1) in The Storytelling Handbook : Stories are motivating and […]