7 Steps of Product Approach to Teaching Writing

The focus of the product approach to teaching writing is on having students work towards creating a polished final written product through certain steps. The main difference between the product approach and the process approach to teaching writing is that the product approach goes in steps, while the...
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Get Issue #2 of The ELT Insider

The launch of Issue #2 of The ELT Insider has just been published! To give you a sneak peek at what you can expect, here is an overview of The ELT Insider and what it includes. What is “The ELT Insider”? It is our weekly newsletter on ELT...
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How to Apply Bloom’s Taxonomy in Your English Lessons

This article will guide you on how to effectively apply Bloom’s Taxonomy to your English lessons and ensure students’ success at each level. Bloom’s Taxonomy is a valuable tool for EFL teachers to promote higher-order thinking skills among their students. When applied in the context of teaching English,...
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5 Benefits of Introducing English at an Early Age

Teaching English to young learners offers numerous benefits that can positively impact their academic, social, and cognitive development. Not to mention providing children with a solid foundation for language learning and equipping children with valuable skills for their future the following are some more benefits of introducing English...
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