The Perfect Classroom Layout For Me

Of course, it’s entirely up to you to set out your classroom in the way you like. It’s your classroom, after all.  But the way that I set out mine is in rows and columns, with students sitting in pairs. Like this below: Here are the reasons why...
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The Most Important Book for EFL Teachers is Now Available!

Teaching English Pronunciation and Phonology
Heeey, colleague Mohamed Ramadan here!  The most important book of for EFL teachers is now available! Click the link below to get it! Teaching English Pronunciation and Phonology  In this book, you’ll learn the basic knowledge that you must have about English pronunciation and phonology features and that you can...
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Four Main Advantages of AI For Your Students

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has completely revolutionized the education sector as it increases the interaction among students and lets them focus more on their weak spots. In this article, you will recognize some effective advantages of AI in the field of teaching and learning. AI-based websites can sharpen your...
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