A Lesson Plan to Teach the English Novel

Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: Read for fun skimming and guessing the meaning of difficult words. Read for scanning and answer some questions on details of the chapter. Answer the questions on the chapter on the textbook. Act the scenes included in the chapter. Teaching aids: Set-book, Class […]

A Lesson Plan to Teach Email Writing.

Email-writing aims ultimately at: Improving social skills ( saying “thank you”, sending an invitation, offering help or support, ………etc. ) Asking for information informally. Exchanging ideas and opinions. Writing about some personal experience. Here is a model for an email writing lesson plan Objectives: At the end of this lesson Ss should be able to: […]

Eight Back-to-School Tips for ELT Supervisors

The supervisor should concern for creating a successful relationship with the teachers from the first day of the school year. This will make teachers enthusiastic, respectful and admirable of their work and their supervisor. Considering that, the supervisor should: Explain what he can offer to the teachers clarifying that his goal is to collaborate with […]

Hard but not impossible

Learning a new language is not easy. It is hard for adults and busy people to learn a new language that sounds differently from their mother tongue and that they don’t use outside the classroom. It is really hard, but not impossible. Recent studies suggest that you can get better at a foreign language simply by listening […]

Best MOOCs for EFL teachers

There are so many MOOCs for EFL teachers. I selected the following courses as I think they’re the best ones for EFL teachers to get the basic professional development. If EFL teachers take these courses, they will acquire the theoretical background of language teaching approaches and they will develop their teaching practices in the classroom […]