Assessment of Student Writing in the Age of AI

Based on: Assessment of student writing in the age of AI has become a new challenge nowadays. As AI tools become increasingly capable of generating human-like text, instructors must carefully evaluate the degree to which AI may have influenced or assisted a student’s written work. What Are...
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Energize Your Students with Active Learning Strategies

As a teacher, one of your biggest challenges is planning lessons that inspire your students to stay actively involved in the learning process, but traditional, teacher-centred learning plans aren’t always helpful in achieving that inspiration. That’s where active learning strategies come into play. Active Learning Strategies: A Teacher’s Secret Weapon As a...
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To Put It Simply, This Is How the Brain Learns

At the end of the fifties and beginning of the sixties of the twentieth century, behavioural theory dominated educational practices. It produced a model of the educational environment based on the assumption that learning can be divided into specific, easily measurable parts, where the focus was on the...
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10 Ways to Empower Students to Express Themselves

As a language teacher, you must empower students to express themselves in the target language, which is crucial for their language acquisition and overall development. When students have opportunities to articulate their thoughts, feelings, and ideas, they not only improve their linguistic skills but also gain confidence, critical...
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Top 5 AI Paraphrasing Tools in 2024 | Free & Paid Options

Whether it is academic writing or digital content creation, creativity and uniqueness are their inevitable elements. Not one type of content resonates with all readers. Therefore, you have to take care of readers’ preferences and write content in the way they want. Creating such content requires much effort...
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The 5 Essential TEFL Skills Teachers Must Develop in 2024

Teaching English requires mastery of the language itself as well as the ability to teach the language clearly and engagingly. Additionally, understanding language acquisition theory, curriculum planning, assessment best practices, and classroom management techniques are all essential TEFL skills for EFL instructors. It is essential for teachers to...
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EFL Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

As an ELT supervisor, I’m used to conducting interviews with teachers who are applying to work as English teachers, especially at a language school. Teachers always have no experience teaching at language schools, but they are working in public schools. Below are some of my EFL teacher interview...
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6 Active Learning Strategies to Energize Your Classroom

Learning can often feel stagnant and dull for students stuck in a passive learning environment. However, research shows that active learning strategies lead to deeper understanding and improved retention of information. This article outlines 6 lively learning strategies that will engage your students, encourage participation, and make learning...
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