Reasons For Classroom Assessment & Decisions Made By This Assessment

Classroom assessment is the act of collecting information about students, curricula, and methodology with the aim of making decisions concerning students’ needs and teacher’s objectives. Classroom Assessment Should Help the Teachers in: Determining students’ strengths and weaknesses. Determining the learning styles of the students. Learning about students’ interests in various topics. Classifying students into groups […]

Top Seven Skills You Need to Be a Successful EFL Teacher

Understanding well your students knowing well their characteristics. Understanding well how the process of learning occurs anticipating problems and preparing solutions. Creating a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom and a friendly relationship with the students. Creating various & interesting activities and suitable learning environment to get your students’ attention all the time. Selecting & using […]

15 Tips to Regain Control of Your Class NOW

Maintaining order and discipline especially in large classes is one of the major challenges that most teachers encounter nowadays. It’s a common teacher challenge. As a matter of fact, it’s a struggle to keep students quiet and under control in a classroom including about sixty students. They talk, move and make much noise. Maintaining order and […]