My 3 Simple Tips To Become A Master Teacher

How do you reach your full potential to become a master teacher? This article looks at how to achieve that. Here are three simple tips. If you follow them, you will become a master teacher for sure. 1. Learn The main goal of a master teacher should be...
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5 Warning Signs You May Not Give Constructive Feedback

Here are 5 warning signs referring that you may not be using constructive feedback. 1.  Using “You” Statements You should think about “You” statements. Basically, they are for expressing your concern about your student’s behavior and performance but they start off with “You”, placing blame. “You did so...
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Recognize What Andragogy is & its Six Principles

In this article I’m going to talk about “Andragogy”; what the term refers to and its principles. Andragogy is a theory developed by Malcolm Knowles for adult learning. The notion of andragogy has been around for nearly two centuries. It became particularly popular in North America and Britain...
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What You Must Know About Assessment

There are two main types of assessment: Formative or WHILE TEACHING assessment. Summative or AFTER TEACHING assessment. And here’s an introduction to them to know what you must know about them Characteristics Of Formative Assessment: Used all the time. Ss don’t know it is taking place. Monitoring progress...
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8 Tips to Increase Student Engagement In Online Classes

In every classroom, there are different kinds of minds. Some are quiet and reserved; others are outgoing and ready to contribute at any given moment. You cannot expect all kids to participate in class discussions. It is your responsibility as a teacher to find ways in which you...
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What Every Novice Teacher Must Know About Lesson Planning

Lesson planning is very important for all teachers especially beginner ones because an effective lesson plan usually leads to effective teaching. Planning a lesson effectively is not as easy as you think. This matter needs practice and awareness of some principles first. Here are the three main principles...
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