7 Must-Follow Tips to Develop Your Students’ Reading Skills

In this article, you’re required to follow 7 important tips if you want to develop your students’ reading skills. Although reading is generally after listening and speaking in the hierarchy of communication abilities to be developed, most teachers make reading one of the first priorities to develop. This...
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How Paraphrasingtool.ai Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Content is the lifeblood that powers communication between brands and their target audiences. It’s no surprise that according to a survey, 98% of marketers are actively investing in written content marketing in 2023. However, creating unique, engaging, and high-quality content consistently is a challenging task. Enter ParaphrasingTool.ai. This...
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The Five Most Common Mistakes New EFL Teachers Make

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes,” said Oscar Wilde. This is true for everyone starting in a new career, and EFL teachers are no exception. Since anyone can learn from their mistakes, then we should certainly learn from the following five mistakes beginner EFL teachers...
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Times Have Changed & So Grammar Teaching Has

There has been much debate about grammar teaching – arguments about whether it should be explicitly or implicitly, or about what approach might be most effective.   Learners usually expect to concentrate on grammar at some point during a course. The following tips remain valuable to be adopted...
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Six Common Lesson Planning Mistakes

The lesson plan is the road map that helps you transfer from Point A to Point B. The first point means no or little knowledge of something and the second point means learning the required knowledge, that’s reaching the lesson objectives.    But sometimes things can go wrong...
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11 Guidelines for Teaching Listening

In this article, you will learn the most important guidelines for teaching listening in the classroom to EFL students Why should listening have the priority to be developed in students? Simply because no one can say a word before listening to it. Listening is the first skill for...
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