Extensive Reading Explained In 10 Aspects

Some claimed that teaching students to read intensively did not necessarily make them good readers. They added, “Most students who learn to read in English reading lessons do not like reading and rarely read outside the classroom”. This is due to the way reading is approached in the...
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6 Tips to Start a Career in Translation

Guest article provided by Courtney Rosenfeld Although English remains the dominant language in international business, for the time being, it doesn’t change the fact that the globalized economy has increased the demand for English Language Teaching (ELT) and linguistic proficiency both in the United States and throughout the...
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4 Easy Activities To Engage Struggling Readers

Students need to know that reading is a part of their daily lives, and can only be enjoyed when they are comfortable. Engaging them in activities will help them build the skills they need to become better readers. Reading activities are important to any learning experience. They can...
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5 Ideas To Make Your Lesson More Interactive

In order to really learn something, you have to have a desire to truly understand it. But, learning is about more than just understanding but doing something. The question to ask here is: how does a person get past simply understanding to actually doing something? The answer is...
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Recognize The Two Main Levels For Teacher Self-Evaluation

Generally, there are two main levels for teachers to evaluate themselves: 1. Reflection On Day-To-Day Classroom Instruction Teachers refine their skills by reflecting upon elements of their instruction that includes students’ assessment strategies. The following questions may assist teachers in reflecting on day-to-day classroom instruction including the assessment...
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Why This Approach Is Ideal To Deal With Language Skills

Teachers of EFL can deal with language skills in two different ways – two different instructional approaches: 1. Some teachers integrate the language skills together during instruction. The skills are interwoven and fastened ideally as they are in everyday life for the purpose of communication. 2. Other teachers...
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5 Questions To Define The Primary Learning Style In Your Class

The ways in which an individual acquires, retains and retrieves information are collectively termed the individual’s learning style. Learning styles are simply different approaches or ways of learning. Once you figure out the way you learn, you will know what strategies to use to fit your learning. Learners...
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How To Self-Study For IELTS And Improve Your English

IELTS stands for “International English Language Testing System”. It is your gateway to scholarships, immigration and work abroad. Types of IELTS There are two types of IELTS: Academic IELTS for university studying and General IELTS for immigration. The Structure Of The IELTS Exam The Duration Of The IELTS...
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