8 ELT Supervisor Tips for Mentoring Teachers Effectively

Mentoring is a partnership created to help and assist mentee teachers to reach their highest levels of professional and personal development. So, there are some keystones that must be included in any mentoring program. Key Stones of Effective Mentoring Program: Active listening. Classroom observation and teacher conferencing. Role...
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12 Tips For Limiting The Chaos In Large Classes

In this article, I’m going to give the main 12 tips that you should follow to limit chaos and overcome the main challenges you may face in large classes. Main Challenges In Large Classes It’s difficult to control a large class that includes different abilities and speeds of...
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A Way For Getting Questions From Your Students

In this article, we will look at a way of getting questions from a student in a certain context. This article is one of the ELT snippets that I post regularly. The aim of these snippets is to provide a collection of practical strategies, tactics, ideas, and tips drawn...
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8 Questions To Consider Before Starting A Reading Lesson

Before starting any reading lesson you should consider the following eight questions and answer them clearly to guarantee success in your teaching of reading. Most English books include some reading lessons which are very important to: Develop students’ reading skills. Reinforce a kind of structure or vocabulary, or...
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Here’s How To Teach Verb Tenses Using Timelines

Timelines are useful tools in teaching verb tenses. Being visual aids, they attract students’ attention and help to introduce and practice verb tenses with ease. Timelines can illustrate situations and allow a pretty efficient drill of many tenses: Simple past, Present perfect, Past perfect, Simple future, Future perfect,...
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4 Effective Teaching Strategies For ELT Classes

Here are four effective teaching strategies that can be applied in your English language classes: 1. Brainstorming Brainstorming is a process of generating multiple ideas/options in which judgment is suspended until a maximum number of ideas has been generated. The importance of brainstorming for students: Helping students to...
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