Six Tips To Encourage Students To Speak Out In English

tips to encourage students to speak English out
1. Give Clear Goals and Instructions. Inform your students with the main goal of speaking and the importance of developing speaking skills. Model speaking with one of your best students so everyone can see what to say. Students also need to know how to say something. Without understanding...
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What’s The Best Predictor Of Success?

predictors of success
Guest Post By Emily Heaslip  Originally appeared on Soft skills are in-demand in nearly every company and every industry. A Wall Street Journal survey of 900 executives found that 92% said soft skills were equally important or more important than technical skills. But 89% of those surveyed said...
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How To Prepare Learners For ESL/EFL Exams

tips to prepare students for EFL exams
Most students who are studying English have to take an exam at the end of their course, others are planning to take a public examination in order to get a certificate which demonstrates their level of English. Whenever there is an exam, the teacher should consider doing the following things...
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Practical Guidelines For Developing Good EFL Test Items

guidelines to develop good test items
Before providing you with some important guidelines for writing good EFL test items, I want to assure you that you know the following terms used in testing. Test Blueprint (or Test Specifications) It identifies the objectives and skills that you test and the relative weight on the test...
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Pre-Employment Assessment, Skill Testing, And Interviewing

recognize the pre-employment process
Guest Post By Omer Molad We often hear terms like pre-employment assessment, skill testing and even interviewing used interchangeably. While they may have similar high-level goals, such as identifying a suitable candidate, they are fundamentally different methods of achieving those goals. It’s important to know the difference because each...
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4 Stages To Teach Paragraph Writing In The Classroom

stages to teach paragraph writing in the classroom
Writing is a productive skill that enables students to express their feelings, thoughts, and knowledge. Students can improve their writing skills by practicing and repetition. their writing product should be monitored from the beginning of writing to the production of the final copy. Here are the four essential...
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How To Teach Grammar Using PPP Model

teaching grammar using PPP model
We need to have some grammatical knowledge to be able to speak a language to some degree of proficiency and to be able to say what we really want to say. Without grammar, words hang together without any real meaning or sense. By teaching grammar, we enable students...
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Top 7 Questioning Techniques In The Classroom

questioning techniques
As a teacher, you always use questions in the classroom. There are lots of reasons for using them. You could use questions to: engage your students, check for understanding and comprehension, seek opinions, encourage creative and critical thinking, review information, help students see other ways of thinking. The techniques...
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When And How To Correct Errors In EFL Classes

when and how to correct students errors
As a teacher, you’ll have to correct your students when they make errors and mistakes. Correction is really important and can’t be ignored. A teacher who fails to do so may be thought of as unprofessional or lazy. Error correction is a matter of balance. Students need help...
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