How To Deal With Low-Achiever Students And Help Them

how to help low-achiever students
Who is a low-achiever student? If the student doesn’t or achieves to a low extent the required objectives at the end of the lesson, unit or course, it is important to recognize and identify him/her as a low achiever. In this case, a remedial plan should be designed...
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16 Tips To Become The Best EFL Teacher

tips to become the best EFL teacher
1. Learn your students’ names. You will be able to control your class better and gain more respect if you learn the students’ names early on. If you are one who has a poor memory for names, ask each student to bring a photo of his own and...
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The 5 Key Components Of A Lesson Plan

five components of a lesson plan
There are five main components of any successful lesson. You need to rethink your lesson plan if you miss one of them. These five components are as follows: 1- Objectives: Write what you expect your students will do by the end of the lesson e.g. by the end...
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Ten Skills A Primary Language Teacher Must Have

skills primary teachers need to have
A Primary Language Teacher Must have the ability to: 1. understand well the characteristics of young learners whom he works with. 2. link his understanding of young learners with the teaching method and assessment procedures that he uses in the classroom. 3. adapt or create the most suitable...
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Factors Hindering Reading Comprehension

factors hinder reading comprehension
Reasons that cause reading comprehension failure There are a number of reasons that cause reading comprehension to fail. Students should be aware of these reasons and then identify the solutions for them by applying the appropriate reading strategies that can cause success to reading comprehension. The following are...
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Characteristics Of Learners With Implications For Education

new printable document on printables library
What are the main characteristics of learners in each learning stage?  How can awareness of these characteristics impact teaching in school? You can find the answers to these two important questions in the new printable that I’ve recently published. Go ahead to my Printables Library and download it....
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How You Can Motivate Your Students To Read In The Classroom

how to motivate students to read
What This Article About This article gives EFL teachers some tips on how to make reading comprehension activity accessible and motivating for students. It describes how to create the basic motivational conditions and generate the initial motivation for reading comprehension in the classroom. Motivation Motivation is one of...
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