Top Tips On Combining Work And Study

tips to combine work and study
Guest Post Currently, a huge number of senior students get a job and begin to combine two types of activity at once: labor and educational. Sometimes this step is dictated by the desire of the student himself, but most often by the necessity. How to combine work and...
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12 Simple (Yet Powerful) Techniques For Classroom Management

techniques and tips of classroom management
Research shows that classroom management is one of the main preoccupations for novice teachers; in many cases, it may be more important than subject knowledge for them.  However, during preparing training courses for teachers, classroom management receives little attention when compared with more general aspects of the methodology....
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How To Teach English From The CC Perspective

how to teach English using communicative competence
Views of English Learning Earlier views of English learning focused primarily on the mastery of grammatical competence (GC). According to this view: English learning was viewed as a process of mechanical habit formation. Good habits are formed by teaching students to produce correct sentences. Making mistakes is not...
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Five Tasks To Test Your Students’ Listening

tasks to test listening
1. Number the jumbled words as you hear them: Don’t be restricted to nouns only, include adjectives as well. Use content words rather than form words (i.e. no prepositions, conjunctions or articles). You might include 1 or 2 words that do not spell as they sound, like ‘eight’...
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My Vision On Gentle Teaching And Its Main Principles

gentle teaching
What is Gentle Teaching? Gentle Teaching is a teaching approach. It has four teaching purposes. It aims at teaching students how to: Feel safe, Feel loved, Be engaged, Show gentleness and love to each other. These purposes are achieved through using repeated words of affection, eye contacts and...
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12 Characteristics Of A Good Language Test

Characteristics of a Good Language Test
A Good Language Test Should Be: 1- Valid: It means that it measures what its composer supposes to measure. It tests what it ought to test. E.g. the test which measures control of grammar should have no difficult lexical items. 2- Reliable: If it is taken again by...
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Only Four Things You Need To Become A Master Teacher

things you need to become a master teacher
Although learning to teach well occurs overtime after going through a lot of teaching practices but it involves mainly four things: knowing, planning, doing, and reflecting. If you keep doing these four things, you will be able to achieve a degree of master in your teaching and become...
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9 Key Patterns Of Questions To Test The Writing Skills

patterns of questions to test writing skills
Here are the main nine patterns of questions to test writing skills and tips to excel in writing each pattern. 1. Fill in the missing vocabulary items in sentences: The first sentence should have no gaps. Provide sufficient textual clues for students to answer. Each sentence should contain...
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