Learning Strategies & Learning Styles

Learning strategies vs. learning styles: * Broadly speaking, learning styles can be defined as general approaches to language learning, while learning strategies are specific ways learners choose to cope with language tasks in particular contexts. * Learning strategies are the ways in which students learn, remember information and study for tests. They refer to the […]

14 Decisions Made by Classroom Assessment

Classroom assessment can help the teacher make decisions concerning his/her lesson teaching. These decisions depend on answering the following questions before, during and after teaching any lesson. They are as follow: 6 Assessment-based decisions made by answering questions before the lesson: 1. What input do students need to learn? 2. What interests of my students […]

16 Reasons for Classroom Assessment

Classroom assessment is the act of collecting information about students, curricula and methodology with the aim of making decisions concerning to students’ needs and teacher’s objectives. Classroom assessment should help the teacher in: 1. Determining student strengths and weaknesses. 2. Determining learning styles of his/her students. 3. Learning about student interests in various topics. 4. […]

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