Evaluation, Assessment and Measurement

Evaluation is a purposeful, cyclical process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting relevant information in order to make qualitative judgments and take decisions concerning to certain performances, materials, activities, courses or programs in the light of certain aims, goals or objectives. There are two types of evaluation: 1. Formative which is concerned mainly with forming and […]

Using Video Clips in EFL Classroom

We often use video clips in EFL classroom to enhance listening skill and promote speaking. Video clips are valuable classroom tools especially when English is considered as a foreign language that is available to be listened to only in the classroom and not spoken outside it. Video clips provide students with an important stimulus for […]

Accuracy and Fluency Activities

When we focus on accuracy activities we: * focus on forming correct examples of language use. * produce language in a controlled way. * deal with grammar explicitly. * insist on receiving grammatically correct and complete sentences. * practice language out of context. * practice small samples of language. * do not require authentic communication. […]

Ten Abilities & Skills Primary Teachers of English Need to Have & Develop

1. Understanding and deal well with young learners knowing well their characteristics. 2. Understanding the process of teaching and learning with young learners and overcoming any challenge that may occur sometimes. 3. Creating a relax atmosphere in the classroom and a friendly relationship with the young learners. 4. Speaking English fluently with the correct pronunciation. […]

How to Teach a Dialogue?

There are two stages of teaching any dialogue: 1. Presenting the dialogue: 1. Introduce the activity telling Ss that they’re going to read & listen a dialogue. 2. Present the most important or the key individual words included in the dialogue. 3. Ask Ss to look at the dialogue and the pictures to talk about […]

Techniques for Giving Feedback

1- You should interrupt learners when they make a mistake or error when: – You want learners to be accurate concerning new structures. – The majority of learners are constantly making the same error. 2- You can give delayed feedback in the following situation: – If the aim of the activity is fluency and communication. […]

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