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About Me

Mohamed Ramadan, an ELT Supervisor for the Ministry of Education in Egypt. Former primary, preparatory and secondary EFL teacher for 15 years. I’m also a teacher trainer helping EFL teachers to teach English effectively and inspiring them to be creative in their career.

I’ve founded elttguide.com to provide EFL teachers with practical ideas, steps, tips, and procedures for teaching & testing English language effectively. elttguide.com has been visited by a lot of teachers worldwide.

In addition to the articles I publish regularly on elttguide.com, I write some eBooks, swipe files, teaching guides, worksheets, and lesson plans, and publish them online mostly for FREE for EFL teachers to have more knowledge and control on their career.

Before becoming an author and teacher, I had a dream to be a famous public speaker. If you ask me about that, I will say I’ve already achieved my dream by teaching and inspiring many students and teachers.

My Qualifications & Certifications:

  • License of Arts & Education in English Language.
  • Special Diploma in Methods of Teaching English Language.
  • Master in Educational Psychology with a focus on brain-based learning.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Zeenat Merchant says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am looking for a job
    I am Tefl trained holding uni degree is there any chances to get a job in ministry of Education ,Egypt.

    I am Tanzanian citizen and resident of Maldives

    1. Mohamed Ramadan says:

      Hello Zeenat,

      Thank you for your visit & subscription to our website.

      working as a teacher of English in Egypt for ministry of education is not available for now.
      But you can get a job in private language schools all over Egypt.
      I think you should come to Egypt for application and interview.

      You will be welcome to Egypt.

      My pleasure.
      Mohamed Ramadan
      ELT Supervisor for ministry of education in Egypt.

  2. Sherif says:

    Thank you for your valuable articles and precious tips in teaching. I appreciate your effort.

  3. Sanjay Kumar says:

    hello sir
    I am research scholar and my study is related to effectiveness of English language in primary school student through the radio programs of AIR

    I need to help for construction of my tools for achievement test on English Language in 4th and 5th grade students .

    if possible then plz help

  4. Ben Scott says:

    Hello. Please, send this message to the owner of this website. My name is Ben Scott, I contacted you before but I did not receive any answer.
    I am interested to buy your site. Can you please leave an phone number or add me on Skype or on Jutty Chat.
    I can understand that probably you did not plan to sell your business. But I will make you an offer you can not refuse. My nickname on jutty chat is: benscott . Thank you for your attention.

    Have you received the details from my previous email?

    1. Mohamed Ramadan says:

      I haven’t received your email. Please contact me at eltguide@gmail.com

  5. K Bashir says:

    ASA. You have a great site with a wealth of information for ESOL teachers. I drafted a long note to you that I have saved. Please send me your email address so I can resend my note. Your email given above did not work. Thank you. K Bashir, Maryland, USA, MCC ESOL Program Advisor.

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