About Me

Teacher of English as a Foreign Language “EFL” for more than 15 years in Egypt & Kuwait.

Now ELT Supervisor & Teacher Trainer for Ministry of Education in Egypt.

My experience made me believe in:

1. the necessity of professionl development for teachers especially teachers of languages.

2. teachers’ badly need  for practical ideas, steps and procedures to guide them while teaching in the classrooms.


  • Zeenat Merchant

    Hello Sir,
    I am looking for a job
    I am Tefl trained holding uni degree is there any chances to get a job in ministry of Education ,Egypt.

    I am Tanzanian citizen and resident of Maldives

    • Mohamed Ramadan

      Hello Zeenat,

      Thank you for your visit & subscription to our website.

      working as a teacher of English in Egypt for ministry of education is not available for now.
      But you can get a job in private language schools all over Egypt.
      I think you should come to Egypt for application and interview.

      You will be welcome to Egypt.

      My pleasure.
      Mohamed Ramadan
      ELT Supervisor for ministry of education in Egypt.

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