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Five Reasons for Getting Our TEFL Back-to-School Guide

Back-to-School Guide - Back-to-School Basics for EFL Teachers
Welcome to the new school year! I hope you will have a school year full of achievements and developments. To achieve the professional and developmental success you want, it is essential to start off on the right foot. You should start with the back-to-school basics that all EFL...
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Teaching the Four Language Skills Made Easy & Practical

teaching the four language skills basic ideas and techniques
In order to make your students proficient in a language, it is essential to develop and strengthen the four core language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These skills form the foundation for effective communication. In this article, we will explore the importance of teaching these four language...
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The Most Important Book for EFL Teachers is Now Available!

Teaching English Pronunciation and Phonology
Heeey, colleague Mohamed Ramadan here!  The most important book of Elttguide.com for EFL teachers is now available! Click the link below to get it! Teaching English Pronunciation and Phonology  In this book, you’ll learn the basic knowledge that you must have about English pronunciation and phonology features and that you can...
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How to Differentiate Instruction in Your Diverse Classrooms

We must admit that we have diverse students with varying abilities in each class we teach and teachers must modify their instruction to meet individual students’ readiness, levels, preferences, and interests. In this case, differentiated instruction is badly required. What Is Differentiated Instruction? Differentiated Instruction is a teaching...
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How to Teach Language Functions – A Practical Guide

Parallel to lexical or grammatical structures is the language functions that define the speaker’s or writer’s intention to what they say or write in a communicative way. A language function is a reason why we communicate. Every time we speak or write, we do so for a purpose...
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