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Five Reasons for Getting Our TEFL Back-to-School Guide

Back-to-School Guide - Back-to-School Basics for EFL Teachers

Welcome to the new school year! I hope you will have a school year full of achievements and developments.

To achieve the professional and developmental success you want, it is essential to start off on the right foot. You should start with the back-to-school basics that all EFL teachers must be aware of.

That’s why we created a TEFL Back-to-School Guide including the essentials for all EFL teachers that help you enhance your teaching skills and create a more engaging and effective classroom environment.

Let’s explore the reasons why every teacher should consider getting this Back-to-School Guide.

As our classrooms become more diverse, it is crucial for teachers to know how to support and empower students from the beginning in the following five aspects.

1. Lesson Planning:

One of the key advantages of using this guide is that it offers a structured framework for lesson planning. It provides examples of lesson objectives, the main principles of lesson planning and the key components of an effective lesson plan.

By utilizing this guide, you can ensure that your lessons are well-organized, coherent, and targeted towards the specific language needs of your students. This not only saves time but also maximizes learning outcomes.

2. Classroom Management:

Furthermore, this guide offers a wide range of teaching techniques that enable you to manage the classroom effectively and motivate your students.

3. Warmers & Finishers:

Back-to-School Guide also provides you with the most effective warmers that you can use to start your lessons and the best ways to finish these lessons to engage students and prepare them to the current lesson or the next one.

4. Dealing with Low-Achiever Students:

Additionally, this guide provides teachers insights into one of the most important issues in education which is how to deal with slow learners and low-achiever students enabling teachers to identify them and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of them.

5. Remedial Activities:

To be more practical, this guide provides you with some examples of remedial activities that you can use with low achievers to remedy their points of weakness.


In conclusion, getting this guide is a decision that will undoubtedly benefit both you and your students. With its important content and practical techniques, it equips you with the necessary tips, steps and procedures to create engaging and effective language learning experiences.


As teachers, it is essential to start well as strong and right beginnings lead to successful and happy endings.

So, you should continually seek ways to improve your teaching practice and support your students’ learning journey.

Consider getting our TEFL Back-to-School Guide right now and embark on a fruitful school year and an exciting adventure of teaching English as a foreign language.

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