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Teaching English to Young Learners Using Stories: The Ultimate Guide

Stories are effective educational tools because they are believable, memorable and entertaining. Children usually enjoy listening to, reading and telling stories so the use of storytelling creates a good learning environment. The Benefits of Using Stories in Teaching Children According to (Ellis and Brewster, 1991, p.1) in The Storytelling Handbook : Stories are motivating and […]

Basic Ideas and Techniques for Teaching the Four Language Skills

The four skills of language learning are Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. They are four capabilities that allow an individual to comprehend, produce and use the language in effective interpersonal communication. They are most often acquired in the order of listening first, then speaking, then possibly reading and writing. Listening and reading are called receptive skills because learners do not […]

Three Methods to Teach Your Child to Read

Reading is Best Taught Using a Combination of Three Methods: Auditory training – training for the ears to prepare the child’s brain for phonics. Phonics – knowledge of letter(s) sounds. Whole Language – immediate application of phonics into connected sentences and stories. It’s clear from research that using one of these methods will help only […]

Factors Hindering Reading Comprehension

There are a number of reasons that cause reading comprehension to fail. Students should be aware of these reasons and then identify the solutions for them applying the appropriate reading strategies that can cause success to reading comprehension. The following are the main factors that hinder reading comprehension: Limited perceptual span. Faulty eye movement. Faulty […]