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Basic Ideas and Techniques for Teaching the Four Language Skills

The four skills of language learning are Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. They are four capabilities that allow an individual to comprehend, produce and use the language in effective interpersonal communication. They are most often acquired in the order of listening first, then speaking, then possibly reading and writing. Listening and reading are called receptive skills because learners do not […]

Six Myths about the Teaching of Listening

There are six myths or half-truths that are related to the teaching of listening during the process of language learning. They are false rituals which need to be analysed and put into question. Let’s consider them. 1. Listening can’t be taught: In fact there are many things teachers can do to help students listen effectively. […]

Why Pupils Must Listen Before Speaking

All children need to listen first before starting to produce the language. In order that pupils can speak comfortably and fluently in English, they must be exposed to some silent or per-speaking periods. From these periods pupils can foster vocabulary and build comprehension. They can also get and store the right phonology features such as […]

Guidelines to Consider When Teaching Listening

1. Relate listening to students’ interests, goals and experiences to keep their motivation and attention high. 2. Select authentic material both in language and tasks. Language should reflect real discourse using videos, audio tapes and TV or radio broadcasts of actual exchanges. 3. Give opportunities to develop both top-down and bottom-up processing skills * Top-down […]

Teaching a listening activity

Presenting a listening activity goes in three stages . In each stage there are some steps that should be followed: #1. Pre-listening stage:   * Prepare pupils for the listening activity by: 1- Introduce the topic of listening; say the title of the topic. 2- Activate pupils’ existing knowledge; lead discussion around the topic to elicit […]