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Introducing The Present Simple For The First Time

Warm-up Activity Revising the present progressive by doing actions (given that it was presented before) Pretend that you read a book and ask: What am I doing, now? Eliciting: “You are reading a book” Ask some students to pretend to do some actions and ask other students: What...
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Should Grammar Be Taught Explicitly Or Implicitly?

In this article, I’m going to discuss the main two approaches to teaching grammar points; explicit and implicit. This discussion will be ended by suggesting which approach you should use to teach grammar rules. Traditionally, most teachers begin their grammar lessons by stating the grammar point and explaining...
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Here’s How To Teach Verb Tenses Using Timelines

Timelines are useful tools in teaching verb tenses. Being visual aids, they attract students’ attention and help to introduce and practice verb tenses with ease. Timelines can illustrate situations and allow a pretty efficient drill of many tenses: Simple past, Present perfect, Past perfect, Simple future, Future perfect,...
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