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9 Best Ways to Finish EFL Lessons

It is as important to end an EFL lesson effectively as you start it. Your main aim is that your students leave the classroom with a good feeling about themselves and their learning. They should end their EFL lessons with a sense of achievement and the knowledge that they have made progress in their English. […]

13 EFL Quickie Warmers to Start Your Class

A warmer is a motivating starting activity better called: zealous, suggestive, dynamic and enthusiastic. It is an activity done at the beginning of the lesson to activate students to become animated in the language class. It is considered as a tool designed to attract students’ attention. Advantages of warmers. For teachers, warmers enable them to: […]

Do You Know What ECRIF is?!

ECRIF stands for five phases of students’ learning: Encounter, Clarify, Remember, Internalize, Fluency. ECRIF is a framework for understanding learning, looking at how people learn rather than prescribing what teachers should or should not do. ECRIF framework focuses on the learning process that students go through as they work with the target skill or knowledge rather […]

A Lesson Plan to Teach the English Novel

Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: Read for fun skimming and guessing the meaning of difficult words. Read for scanning and answer some questions on details of the chapter. Answer the questions on the chapter on the textbook. Act the scenes included in the chapter. Teaching aids: Set-book, Class […]

A Lesson Plan to Teach Email Writing.

Email-writing aims ultimately at: Improving social skills ( saying “thank you”, sending an invitation, offering help or support, ………etc. ) Asking for information informally. Exchanging ideas and opinions. Writing about some personal experience. Here is a model for an email writing lesson plan Objectives: At the end of this lesson Ss should be able to: […]