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5 Signs That You Weren’t Meant To Be a Teacher

So you already are or want to be a teacher. That’s great! Teachers play such an important role in shaping our lives. However, before you invest the time, effort, and money to get teaching credentials, make sure this career is truly the right fit for you. Here are...
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Do You Use This Tool In ELT?! It’s Effective!

They are a major tool in teaching English. They have their place at all levels of teaching but more suitably for beginners. They are Prompts & Cues! They can be used to: Get students to change the mode (e.g. from “Asking a question” to “Repeat” or vice-versa) Introduce...
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Basic Assessment Concepts & Tips For Teachers

basic assessment concepts and tips for teachers
First of all, you must consider the difference between evaluation, assessment, and measurement. Evaluation, Assessment, and Measurement Evaluation It is a purposeful, cyclical process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting relevant information in order to make qualitative judgments and take decisions concerning to certain performances, materials, activities, courses or...
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