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Learning Styles & Strategies

learning styles and strategies
Learning Styles VS. Learning Strategies Broadly speaking, learning styles can be defined as general approaches to language learning, while learning strategies are specific ways learners choose to cope with language tasks in particular contexts. Learning strategies are the ways in which students learn, remember information, and study for...
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Free Download: “How To Make The Best CV”

how to write a successful EFL teacher CV
Your curriculum vitae (CV) is like a mirror reflecting who you are. The more effective is it,  the greater is your chances to grab the opportunity! A great CV is your first opportunity to make an impression on a hiring manager or a recruiter so it’s important to...
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When To Use Students’ Mother Tongue In EFL Classes

when to use mother tongue in EFL classes
A teacher should insist on and encourage using English in primary or low-level classes so that students: will have the opportunity to practice using English in context. will improve their listening skills. learn and practice common or repeated classroom language or routines in English. (e.g. Please open your...
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Motivation In The Classroom: What?, Why? And How?

motivation what why and how
What is Motivation? Motivation is a kind of enthusiasm within an individual that arouses and maintains behavior towards a goal. That is to say: motivation is goal-directed behavior. Motivation is a kind of energy within an individual that determines to what extent he/she will involve in a task...
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Top 10 Tips For Teaching A Great EFL Lesson

tips for teaching a great EFL lesson
If you want to make a success and teach a great English language lesson, you should consider the following before stepping into the classroom: Be aware of the aims of teaching English language in the country where you are working and in the educational stage you are working...
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