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5 Signs That You Weren’t Meant To Be a Teacher

signs that you weren't meant to be a teacher

So you already are or want to be a teacher. That’s great!

Teachers play such an important role in shaping our lives. However, before you invest the time, effort, and money to get teaching credentials, make sure this career is truly the right fit for you.

Here are 5 signs that teaching may not be the ideal profession for you:

1. You’re Uncomfortable with Public Speaking

As a teacher, you’ll spend some time each day at the front of a classroom engaging with your students. You’ll give lectures, lead discussions, present materials, and speak to the class as a whole regularly.

If public speaking makes you extremely nervous or isn’t your strength, then the constant presentations required in teaching could make you miserable. Over time, this anxiety can lead to burnout.

2. You Prefer Quiet, Independent Work Environments

Teaching takes place in a lively and energetic environment where there are usually noisy and active children around. Classrooms can feel chaotic for those craving peace and quiet while working.

If you strongly prefer quiet spaces for concentration, teaching may wear you down and negatively impact your performance.

3. You Struggle to Be Patient and Hide Frustration

Kids will certainly test your patience frequently as a teacher!

If you have difficulty maintaining your cool under stress or masking annoyance, teaching may not align well with your temperament.

Students require compassion and thoughtful guidance, not visible exasperation.

Impatience and irritation are not conducive to shaping the minds of young people, who are still growing and learning.

4. Your Interests Don’t Align with Core Subjects

While teachers can play to certain strengths and interests to a degree in lesson planning, there’s no escaping the foundational teaching of core subjects like math, science, literature, and social studies.

If you thoroughly dislike the main elementary subjects, working with them daily likely won’t feel rewarding for you or inspirational for students.

5. You Prefer a Flexible Schedule Year-Round 

Teacher schedules revolve around the traditional academic calendar year. School vacations result in nice breaks but also unpaid downtime without a year-round paycheck.

If you prefer consistent pay and a flexible work schedule, not the mercy of an academic calendar, teaching may ultimately not satisfy you long-term compared to other professions.

Think Carefully, But Don’t Be Too Intimidated

Teaching has major challenges, but also exciting opportunities to truly impact lives on a daily basis. Before writing off the career entirely based on these warning signs, speak to trusted teachers about their experiences. Perhaps you can craft a style of teaching or work environment that keeps most difficulties at bay. With an open mind and the right fit, teaching can still prove your ultimate career calling.

If the majority of these red flags ring a bell for you personally, though, don’t feel defeated. Not everyone is built for the classroom, and that’s perfectly alright.

Be honest in assessing whether the reality of teaching aligns with your skills, interests, and professional preferences. If you have sincere doubts, explore alternative education-related roles or follow entirely different career paths better suited for you.

Not choosing to teach doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference for students in other ways. Follow your passions!

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If you don’t have these signs and find it suitable for you to be a teacher, TEFL is a demanding and rewarding career for you.

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