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5 Warning Signs You May Not Give Constructive Feedback

Here are 5 warning signs referring that you may not be using constructive feedback. 1.  Using “You” Statements You should think about “You” statements. Basically, they are for expressing your concern about your student’s behaviour and performance but they start off with “You”, placing blame. “You did so...
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When You Should Correct Your Students

One of the most important functions of the teachers is correcting students’ mistakes. NOT Correcting Is Possible But, sometimes there can be good reasons for not correcting some mistakes. Curiously enough, NOT correcting is as important as correcting and is probably more difficult to do effectively. It’s easy...
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9 Simple But Powerful Tips For Giving Effective Feedback

tips to give effective feedback
Giving effective feedback is an essential skill for teachers. It should be regular and ongoing. Your students need to know how they are doing, whether their performance meets expectations, and how they can improve. But giving feedback isn’t always easy. You may worry about hurting the students’ feelings, or...
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When And How To Correct Errors In EFL Classes

when and how to correct students errors
As a teacher, you’ll have to correct your students when they make errors and mistakes. Correction is really important and can’t be ignored. A teacher who fails to do so may be thought of as unprofessional or lazy. Error correction is a matter of balance. Students need help...
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