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10 Activities For Using Video Clips In EFL Classes

activities for using video clips in EFL classes
A video clip is a combination of visual and audio clues, so they are effective in language learning because they convey authentic emotion, ideas, and opinions through both words and gestures. Our understanding of a situation comes from being able to interpret these visual and audio clues. If...
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Using Video In The Classroom – Why And How?

why and how to use video in the classroom
Benefits of using video in the classroom Students enjoy language learning with videos. Using videos makes language learning a happy experience and creates an attractive enjoyable learning environment. Using videos provides students with a good opportunity to study body language and learn more about feelings. By watching videos...
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Why And How To Use Multimedia In EFL Class

why and how to use multimedia in EFL classes
There are various types of multimedia that we can use in an EFL lesson. Among these are DVDs, CDs, video clips, flash presentations, audio files, … etc. But why do you think we need to use multimedia in our lessons? The following are the main reasons. Maintaining a...
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