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What You Must Know About Assessment

There are two main types of assessment: Formative or WHILE TEACHING assessment. Summative or AFTER TEACHING assessment. And here’s an introduction to them to know what you must know about them Characteristics Of Formative Assessment: Used all the time. Ss don’t know it is taking place. Monitoring progress...
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16 Types Of School Tests For Young Learners

types of school tests for young learners
There are different kinds of tests in schools but there are eight main types vs. other eight ones. Recognize them and the main differences among them and utilize this information so that you can create the right test in the right situation. 1- Objective Test vs. Subjective Test:...
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Assessment Of, For & As Learning – The Main Differences & Principles

assessment of, for and as learning
Assessment Of, For & As Learning – What are the Main Differences? 1. Assessment Of Learning It involves looking at assessment information at the end of the teaching and learning process to rank students’ achievement levels against a standard. It is summative in nature and typically involves standardized tests. Assessment OF learning scores are...
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Five Tasks To Test Your Students’ Listening

tasks to test listening
1. Number the jumbled words as you hear them: Don’t be restricted to nouns only, include adjectives as well. Use content words rather than form words (i.e. no prepositions, conjunctions or articles). You might include 1 or 2 words that do not spell as they sound, like ‘eight’...
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12 Characteristics Of A Good Language Test

Characteristics of a Good Language Test
A Good Language Test Should Be: 1- Valid: It means that it measures what its composer supposes to measure. It tests what it ought to test. E.g. the test which measures control of grammar should have no difficult lexical items. 2- Reliable: If it is taken again by...
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9 Key Patterns Of Questions To Test The Writing Skills

patterns of questions to test writing skills
Here are the main nine patterns of questions to test writing skills and tips to excel in writing each pattern. 1. Fill in the missing vocabulary items in sentences: The first sentence should have no gaps. Provide sufficient textual clues for students to answer. Each sentence should contain...
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How To Write Good Questions To Test Reading Skills

how to test reading skills
Below are some patterns of questions to test reading skills. Each pattern includes what students are asked to do to answer the question and some guidelines to help the teachers write this kind of question in a good way. 1. Read the following sentences and number them in...
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