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Assessment of Student Writing in the Age of AI

Based on: https://bit.ly/4aaE90G Assessment of student writing in the age of AI has become a new challenge nowadays. As AI tools become increasingly capable of generating human-like text, instructors must carefully evaluate the degree to which AI may have influenced or assisted a student’s written work. What Are...
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Two Main Factors to Consider When Assessing Speaking Fluency

Speaking fluency is a key component of effective communication. Assessing someone’s speaking fluency can provide valuable insights into their oral proficiency. This article examines the primary factors to consider when assessing speaking fluency. I provide a comprehensive overview of the characteristics that contribute to fluent speech, including rate,...
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5 Techniques of Formative Assessment and How to Use Them

techniques of formative assessment
There are two main types of assessment: formative and summative assessment. Summative Assessment It is after teaching assessment. It is the formal assessment that must be implemented according to certain criteria Characteristics of Summative Assessment Defining the Criteria for the Summative Assessment Consider the following steps: Formative Assessment...
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How To Self-Study For IELTS And Improve Your English

IELTS stands for “International English Language Testing System”. It is your gateway to scholarships, immigration and work abroad. Types of IELTS There are two types of IELTS: Academic IELTS for university studying and General IELTS for immigration. The Structure Of The IELTS Exam The Duration Of The IELTS...
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16 Types Of School Tests For Young Learners

types of school tests for young learners
There are different kinds of tests in schools but there are eight main types vs. the other eight ones. Recognize them and the main differences among them and utilize this information so that you can create the right test in the right situation. 1- Objective Test vs. Subjective...
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