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15 Ideas for Involving Parents in Their Children’s Learning

Fostering a strong partnership between teachers and parents is crucial for children’s academic success. When parents are actively involved in their children’s education, it not only reinforces the learning process but also instils a sense of value and importance in the children’s minds. Involving parents in their children’s...
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Energize Your Students with Active Learning Strategies

As a teacher, one of your biggest challenges is planning lessons that inspire your students to stay actively involved in the learning process, but traditional, teacher-centred learning plans aren’t always helpful in achieving that inspiration. That’s where active learning strategies come into play. Active Learning Strategies: A Teacher’s Secret Weapon As a...
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The 5 Essential TEFL Skills Teachers Must Develop in 2024

Teaching English requires mastery of the language itself as well as the ability to teach the language clearly and engagingly. Additionally, understanding language acquisition theory, curriculum planning, assessment best practices, and classroom management techniques are all essential TEFL skills for EFL instructors. It is essential for teachers to...
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6 Active Learning Strategies to Energize Your Classroom

Learning can often feel stagnant and dull for students stuck in a passive learning environment. However, research shows that active learning strategies lead to deeper understanding and improved retention of information. This article outlines 6 lively learning strategies that will engage your students, encourage participation, and make learning...
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6 Must-Read Research Findings about TEFL

Learning a foreign language presents complex cognitive, linguistic, and sociocultural challenges. Teaching English as a foreign language involves additional considerations, as students may have limited exposure to or familiarity with English outside of the classroom environment. Over the past decades, applied linguists and language acquisition researchers have conducted...
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How to Apply Bloom’s Taxonomy in Your English Lessons

This article will guide you on how to effectively apply Bloom’s Taxonomy to your English lessons and ensure students’ success at each level. Bloom’s Taxonomy is a valuable tool for EFL teachers to promote higher-order thinking skills among their students. When applied in the context of teaching English,...
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