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5 Benefits of Introducing English at an Early Age

Teaching English to young learners offers numerous benefits that can positively impact their academic, social, and cognitive development. Not to mention providing children with a solid foundation for language learning and equipping children with valuable skills for their future the following are some more benefits of introducing English...
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How To Teach Using Songs & Games

It‘s great to use songs and games in class if only to do something a little different but beyond using them solely to give your students light relief, there are many other things songs and games can be used for in EFL classes. Simply they can be used...
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When And Why To Use The Mother Tongue In EFL Classes

when and why to use mother tongue in EFL classes
Do you think we should exclude the mother tongue from our English teaching completely? Do you think the mother tongue is useful on occasion, only if we cannot use English or it is a useful and effective resource that we should use frequently to facilitate the learning of...
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