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Teach A Conversation

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Teach the 2nd Conditional Using PPP Model

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Teach The Reader

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Printable Documents

How To Write An EFL Lesson Plan

10 Techniques For Presenting The Meaning Of New Words

Factors Hindering Reading Comprehension

Characteristics Of Learners With Implications For Education

Stages Of Using Video In The Classroom

When And How To Correct Students’ Mistakes

20 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Printing Your Language Test

Applying Bloom’s Taxonomy To ELT

ELT Challenges & Solutions

Classroom Language

How To Make The Best CV

Want To Continue Your ELT Professional Development?

I offer various ELT publications on teaching English as a foreign language. 

In these publications, I put the gist of my experience in TEFL for +15 years with various learners and in various environments and cultures.

The techniques and tips in these publications are sure-fire teaching methods that worked for me well and they can work for you, as well, FOR SURE.

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    what are teaching and learning theories

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    Thanks for your publications. They are so rich and helpful

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