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Why And How To Use Multimedia In EFL Class

There are various types of multimedia that we can use in an EFL lesson. Among these are DVDs, CDs, video clips, flash presentations, audio files, … etc.

But why do you think we need to use multimedia in our lessons?

The following are the main reasons.

  1. Maintaining a high level of interest in the lesson.
  2. Exposing learners to life-like language.
  3. Promoting greater student participation.
  4. Simulating an English-speaking environment.
  5. Sharpening learners’ memory.

In the Past, written passages were the main way to get the language and most of our comprehension drills were boring and not very effective. In addition, ideas were either vague or too simple

Nowadays multimedia are available everywhere and pupils find them interesting and attractive. Sight and sound evoke pupils’ curiosity for learning and capture their attention in a better way, which results in more effective learning and enhanced retention. Multimedia encourage pupils to use the language, comment on a scene or act it.

More advantages of using multimedia in EFL classes

We can mention more and more advantages of using multimedia in EFL lessons such as:

  1. increasing learners’ retention.
  2. adding variety to your lesson.
  3. providing better details.
  4. enhancing the persuasive appeal of your lesson.
  5. reaching learners by addressing different learning styles.
  6. using to show abstract concepts.
  7. reducing your public speaking anxiety.
  8. improving pronunciation, intonation and word stress.
  9. helping minimize teachers’ talking time.

How to use multimedia effectively?

First of all, you should:

  1. choose a suitable material.
  2. prepare additional aids, such as pictures, slides, wall sheets, etc.
  3. prepare handouts containing all types of questions.

Steps in sequence:

  1. Playing for enjoyment (non-stop).
  2. Giving blank sheets of paper.
  3. Asking pupils to write down their notes, ideas, questions, and difficult words.
  4. Second play for “note-taking”.
  5. During the second play, making many stops for the sake of repeating a word, a sentence, or asking a question.
  6. Final play for checking answers.
  7. Wrapping up by making pupils act or retell what they have seen.

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