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Looking For The Steps To Follow To Teach A CLIL Lesson? Watch This Video

CLIL stands for content and language integrated learning. In this post, you will recognize the steps you should follow to teach a CLIL lesson.

Build Knowledge & Motivate Learners

With CLIL, language is learned and used to build knowledge about topics from other subjects.

At the same time, we can say that this interesting knowledge about topics from other subjects becomes the motivation for students to learn certain target language.

We use topics from different subjects such as science, math, social studies, history, art, music…

Integrated Skills Approach

In CLIL lessons, all language skills and aspects (listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary & grammar) should be integrated so that students will discuss the topic on spot, build knowledge and develop their language competence.

Critical Thinking

In addition, as a teacher, you should encourage students to analyze and evaluate the information using critical thinking. That leads to a deep understanding of the information.

Natural Language Learning

CLIL lessons connect language to real life and support the natural learning of the language. Students build vocabulary, learn grammar points and develop language skills while naturally asking questions and searching for their answers.

Now, watch this video to know the steps you should follow when teaching a CLIL lesson.

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