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Applying “A Framework To Design Any Listening Lesson” To Teach A Love Song

Applying A Framework To Design Any Listening Lesson To Teach A Love Song

Here is an example of how you can use the framework I’ve described in the previous article: A Framework To Design Any Listening Lesson (Premium Content) to teach a love song.


  • Ss brainstorm kinds of songs.
  • Ss talk about their favourite songs.
  • Ss predict some words and expressions that might be in a love song.


  • Ss listen to the song (the first time) and decide if the song is happy or sad.
  • Ss listen again (the second time) and order the lines or verses of the song.
  • Ss listen for the third time to check their answers and to correct the errors in a summary of the song.


1. Focus on content:

  • Discuss with students what they liked/don’t like about the song.
  • Ask them whether they will buy it and why/why not.
  • Ask students to write a review about the song for a newspaper or a website.
  • Ask students to suggest another verse for the song.

2. Focus on language:

  • Ss look at the song and identify all the verb forms.
  • Ss underline the new words in the song and guess their meanings.
  • Ss make notes of common collocations within the song.
  • Ss identify phrasal verbs in the song and tell their meanings using the dictionary.

Final Word

In this post, I showed you how I could exploit the framework I described before to design a listening lesson.

And you, too. You can use this framework to design any listening lesson to develop students’ listening skills and increase their language awareness as well.

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