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8 Questions To Consider Before Starting A Reading Lesson

Before starting any reading lesson you should consider the following eight questions and answer them clearly to guarantee success in your teaching of reading.

Most English books include some reading lessons which are very important to:

  • Develop students’ reading skills.
  • Reinforce a kind of structure or vocabulary, or
  • Support reading just for pleasure.

Anyway, you should think about and answer clearly the following 8 questions before starting any reading lesson:

1. What is the purpose of the reading passage? 

Is it to improve your students’ reading skills, to reinforce a kind of structure or vocabulary, or is it only for pleasure?

2. How many new words are in the passage”

Specifying the number of words is not enough. You should know well how you will present them, too.

3. Does the reading passage include a kind of structure?

You should know if you should present or reinforce a certain structure and how you will do that.

4. When introducing the text, who will read it?

You, students aloud or students silently?

5. How will you check your students’ comprehension of the reading passage?

In the textbook that you use, are there questions checking your students’ comprehension of the reading passage or you should prepare some?

6. What sort of order are the questions?

E.g. from easy to difficult or ordered according to the parts of the reading passage?

7. Do the parts of the reading passage follow the same order?

Do the parts of the reading passage, which provide the answer to the questions, follow the same order as the questions themselves?

8. Are the questions you will use, general or specific?

General questions:

These kinds of questions require you to ask your students to skim most of the passage to check their understanding of the central idea of the whole text. 

Specific questions:

These kinds of questions focus on some points of detail.  Students can answer these questions by scanning the whole text or one part of it.

Do you think there are more questions to consider before starting a reading lesson? Share your thoughts with me via email at: eltguide@gmail.com

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