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A Way For Getting Questions From Your Students

In this article, we will look at a way of getting questions from a student in a certain context.

This article is one of the ELT snippets that I post regularly.

The aim of these snippets is to provide a collection of practical strategies, tactics, ideas, and tips drawn from my long experience in TEFL, teacher training, and classroom observation as an ELT supervisor mostly of EFL Egyptian teachers.

Getting Questions Is Unfamiliar

One must admit that it is usually more difficult for students to formulate a question than a simple statement.

The real reason is probably that the exercise of asking questions is neglected by most teachers.

How many times does the average student ask in relation to the number he answers?

In many lessons, a student may ask no questions at all and this, curiously enough, is probably the case more with the advanced student than the beginner.

For beginners, the format of the lesson is also tightly structured and a teacher is bound to only ask questions from time to time.

A Way Of Getting Questions From Students

Here we will look at a way of getting questions from a student in a certain context.

This way is good just to make a point and ensure that the student is with you and capable of making minimal manipulations of the material in hand.

T: What kind of car do I have?
S: I don’t know!
T Ask me.
S: What kind of car do you have?
T: I have a Peugeot.

T: How long did it take me to get used to driving on the right?
S: Maybe a few weeks?                                                                                                                 

T: Well, ask me.
S: How long did you take to get used to driving on the right?

Do you use this way to get questions from your students? Do you use other ways? Please, share them with me.

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