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You No Longer Need to Hire a Professional Writer Anymore! How You Can Write an Essay within a Short Time

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Completing an essay on time is essential. First, it allows you to get back to your usual activities, such as shopping or going to church. Also, finishing your essay early means your lecturer will not punish you for a late submission. You may be wondering why you keep taking so much time to complete your essay. Is it a weakness you are born with that cannot be corrected? Do not worry, because there are things you could do to finish your essay on time.

We know that some people might identify hiring essay writers as a way of quickly finishing your essay. Technically, they would be correct. However, you will never learn to be a fast writer if you always hire essay writers. Additionally, it is expensive to pay someone to write for you.

Having said all that, here are tips that will help you write an essay within a short time.

Manage Your Time

Writing an essay can sometimes feel like a punishment. That is because some writers believe they must write their entire essay on the spot. Instead of doing that, you could allocate different times to write your introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Doing this allows you to brainstorm on content for the other sections of your essay.

How much time should you allocate for the various essay sections? Remember, the body is where most of the content is. That means you will need to allocate more time for it. As for the introduction and conclusion, you do not need too much time since they usually contain a few words. If you manage your time properly, then there’ll be no need for you to hire cheap essay writers for your academic projects.

Choose a Quiet Working Environment

Noise can hinder you from completing your essay in so many ways. First, it diverts your attention away from your current task. As a result, you will have trouble concentrating if the noise is continual. Noise can also affect you by interfering with your cognitive performance. That means you will be unable to retain the information that you have learned. Lastly, noise can diminish your motivation to write. As a result, you will end up postponing your work.

Noise is a debatable concept for some. Some people claim to write better when there is some noise around them, e.g. ambient music. However, experts claim that even a moderate background noise of 65 decibels isn’t conducive to studying. Therefore, it wouldn’t kill to be in a quiet place for even two hours.

Gather Key Information

Some people find it easier to research for points as they write their essays. Unfortunately, this technique tends to slow down your writing. Instead, you should gather all the points you deem necessary for your article before you write. For instance, your essay could be about the reasons why divorce rates have risen in the United States lately. On a separate page, write about 8 reasons following your research.

An essay is incomplete without sources. That means as you write your points, indicate the sources of information for each point. Once you begin writing your essay, you can refer to the 8 reasons and you will be writing quickly in no time.

Avoid Perfectionism

Of course, your essay should be as perfect as possible. After all, perfection is what will earn you a good grade. However, by avoiding perfectionism, we mean from the beginning stages of writing your essay. Remember, you are still gathering points for your work. That means your essay does not need to have good grammar at this time. You can edit your work later after you have gathered all the points.

Why is perfectionism a problem when you are writing your first draft? First, you will take up too much time correcting your work rather than researching your points. Also, perfectionism usually leads to writer’s block since your focus will be on how to make your work good.

Adopt Quick Research Techniques

Essay writing involves a lot of research. Unfortunately, some people spend too much time researching than actually writing. However, there are quick research techniques you can adopt today. Most professional writers use these techniques to craft high-quality papers first. If you are researching from a digital book, skim through chapter summaries and indexes to find crucial points.

Research does not always have to be about skimming through blogs, books or journals for information. You can get the information you need quickly by reaching out to experts online. To contact them, you can use email, social media or online forums. The expert may either tell you what they know or point you to a source they deem useful.

Skip the Introduction

Earlier, we established that you should dedicate time to each section of your essay. Sometimes, it might turn out that you have yet to find any content for your introduction. In that case, it would be best to focus on the body. However, you should remember to come to your introduction later. An essay is incomplete without it.

Why is it important to write an introduction only when you are ready? Remember, a poor introduction will discourage your lecturer from reading the rest of your essay. The lecturer will assume that the rest of the essay is as bad as the introduction when that may not be the case. Think of the introduction as a movie trailer. If a movie trailer is unpleasant, you will not see the need to watch the whole movie. However, a good movie trailer will draw many people to movie theatres.


Do you see how easy it can be to write an essay quickly without hiring an essay writer? All you need to do is to change how you have been writing. Admittedly, it is not going to be easy to change your writing techniques. Imagine asking someone to allocate time for various essay sections rather than writing on the spot. However, a person who wants to write essays quickly should be willing to do whatever they can to change.

If you do not change how you write, you will keep submitting your essays late. Would you want your lecturers to keep penalizing you for late submissions? Of course, not.

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