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The Best Growth Strategy in English Language Teaching


The old days are over

I think the days of buying a lot of books with the idea of getting a LOT of knowledge … are probably over.

I played that game for a long time myself. I bought 10 books and took a 16-module course with transcripts and worksheets, and spent about 6 months to finish this course!

Of course, times were different back then. But, some of the teachers are a little slow to realize just how much things have changed.

I see a lot of teachers still thinking of taking big online courses. And they’re thinking of so many modules and live training sessions.

What a lot of stuff!!

But it doesn’t work that well anymore … because you are already very busy and overwhelmed for sure.

You are overwhelmed by content, social media, blog posts and YouTube videos being published.

Times have changed so has the growth strategy of ELT.

The best strategy to achieve your ELT professional development

So, I can declare that the best strategy to achieve your ELT professional development is:

Getting Less & Achieving More

You need the content that keeps you away from being overwhelmed.

You need to have things simplified.

You want simplicity and practicality.

But where can you find content like that?!!

What if the TEFL course you’re intending to take is specifically made for you to be Only Two SHORT Books?

1. TEFL Essential Skills For EFL Teachers

2. Teaching The Four English Language Skills – A Comprehensive Guide

What if these two books include all that you need to grow quickly in your TEFL career for the lowest possible price … much less than the cheapest course you may think to take online!

What if all practicality and simplicity are there in these two books?

If I were you, I would remove all the fluff and just get them immediately to get rid of any overwhelm and cut through the noise.

Practicality is valuable, simplicity is power and brevity is to take action and get these two books right now.

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