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7 Teaching Strategies To Meet Your Students’ Needs

The following seven strategies are for the teachers to follow so that they can meet the needs of their students in EFL classes. 1. Provide Comprehensible Input You must present the kind of content that the students can understand. You must convey an understandable message. Learners acquire language...
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Recognize The Two Main Levels For Teacher Self-Evaluation

Generally, there are two main levels for teachers to evaluate themselves: 1. Reflection On Day-To-Day Classroom Instruction Teachers refine their skills by reflecting upon elements of their instruction that includes students’ assessment strategies. The following questions may assist teachers in reflecting on day-to-day classroom instruction including the assessment...
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8 Things You Must Do To Improve Your ELT Performance

improve your EFL teaching
1- Asses Your Students’ Prior Knowledge & Skills. Sometimes students know more than we think they do. Sometimes they have misconceptions about the content. The only way to know what information students bring to a course is to test them to collect information that reveals their current levels...
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Best MOOCs For EFL Teachers

There are so many MOOCs for EFL teachers. I selected the following courses as I think they’re the best ones for EFL teachers to get the basic professional development. If EFL teachers take these courses, they will acquire the theoretical background of language teaching approaches and they will...
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