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8 Things You Must Do To Improve Your ELT Performance

1- Asses Your Students’ Prior Knowledge & Skills.

Sometimes students know more than we think they do. Sometimes they have misconceptions about the content. The only way to know what information that students bring to a course is to test them to collect information that reveals their current levels of knowledge and understanding. That information is very important to precisely decide on what you should focus on in the subject matter being studied and the suitable methods of TEFL you should use.

2- Help Students Know How to Learn.

Students must have an idea about appropriate learning strategies and made aware of the strategies that they use. It’s your job to help them know that.

3- Discover & Eliminate Attitudes & Emotions That Hinder Learning.

Teachers must acknowledge that learning, motivation, and engagement are affected by attitudes and emotions. What students believe about themselves and about the subject matter being studied affects their motivation and performance. If teachers ignore the role of attitudes and emotions, They will not be able to reach the learning outcomes required.

4- Personalize Your Lessons.

Design your lessons in a way that connects to your students’ personal and academic goals. That will enhance motivation and engagement. Students need to see that what they learn is relevant to their goals and future plans. Knowing what students care about makes it possible to plan lessons that connect with students and engage them in learning.

5- Examine Your Students’ Expectations.

Examine your students’ views about education and considering how those views influence their learning experiences. Students come to school with different beliefs about knowledge and have different expectations of their teachers. Students are diverse. They have different cultural backgrounds. Again, knowing what students believe and expect makes it easier to plan meaningful learning experiences.

6- Provide Students With the Assistance They Need.

Treat students as apprentices who need assistance in learning the language, ways of thinking, and inquiry methods. Students come to school because they need to learn and they must be given the opportunity to make connections between the course content and their own experiences.

7- Challenge Your Students.

You need to do that to apply, integrate, evaluate and construct knowledge. You can do that by engaging students in complex problem-solving activities. Students should not only be knowledge consumers but also be knowledge producers.

8- Learn About Learning.

Always discuss with your colleagues the best ways of students’ learning and how to plan your lessons more effectively.

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  1. I wholeheartedly appreciate your 8 things an ELT must know if he or she would like to buttress professional practice.
    Make sure that many teachers need these resources so as to get rid of boring lessons.thanks a lot for sharing experiences online and promoting English in the world.

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