16 Tips to Prepare a Good Language Test

tips for test preparation

How to prepare a good language test? Here is a list of 16 tips to consider when you are about to prepare your test.

1- Determine the purpose of the test.

2- Define the content area to be tested.

3- Choose and prepare appropriate and relevant items.

4- Base your test on your students’ abilities.

5- The number of questions should suit the allotted time.

6- Printing should be clear. No handwritten exams.

7- Instructions should be clear and understandable.

8- Grade the test items from the easiest to the most difficult ones.

9- Don’t include ambiguous questions or deluding words.

10- Cover the different parts of the syllabus.

11- Accurate grading should be provided.

12- Model answers should be written on a separate paper.

13- All possible or reasonable answers should be accepted.

14- Test the different aspects (reasoning – observation – comprehending – deducing).

15- Assess the different skills (cognitive, affective and psychomotor).

16- Include various questions (objective & subjective).

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This guide is a valuable resource for any teacher who is interested in constructing test items that can capture effectively and fairly what a student knows.

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