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Top Seven Skills You Need To Be A Successful EFL Teacher

success in teaching
  1. Understanding well your students knowing well their characteristics.
  2. Understanding well how the process of learning occurs anticipating problems and preparing solutions.
  3. Creating a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom and a friendly relationship with the students.
  4. Creating various & interesting activities and a suitable learning environment to get your students’ attention all the time.
  5. Selecting & using well the most suitable teaching methods & materials.
  6. Designing suitable assessment tools for the students and following the right procedures to assess them regularly.
  7. Creating and implementing a remedial program to raise the level of low achievers.

For another top seven skills, you need to succeed in teaching, watch the following video.

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  1. Karima maleg says:

    Hi ,I am learning everyday more with your posts articles but , I was asking whether you can provide us how to deal with remedial work after assessing learners and test report.I ll be thankful .Best regards

  2. syed ahsan naveed says:

    very informative and reflective love te information you sare

  3. joel says:

    Keep up the good work!!

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