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How to Teach Language Functions – A Practical Guide

Parallel to lexical or grammatical structures is the language functions that define the speaker’s or writer’s intention to what they say or write in a communicative way.

A language function is a reason why we communicate. Every time we speak or write, we do so for a purpose or a function.

These functions are a way of using the language. In other words, we use language lexis and grammar to express functions focusing on the meaning and usage in context.

In fact, language functions are very important components in each language so it is necessary for every teacher to know how to teach them in the classroom.

That’s why I’ve created this guide.

It’s a practical guide to teaching language functions in the classroom.

In this guide, I’ve tackled the following:

  • Examples of language functions.
  • What are language exponents?
  • The levels of functions formality.
  • The best way to teach language functions.
  • Steps to teach language functions.
  • How to present language functions.
  • How to practice language functions.
  • Sample tasks for practising language functions.
  • How to use dialogues to teach language functions.

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