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11 Don’ts For Becoming Effective Teacher

Perhaps, it is easy to be a teacher but, it is not easy to be an effective teacher, for sure. Teachers must keep away from the following weak points if they want to be or keep being effective teachers.

1- Rushing A Lesson

A teacher may do that in order to finish all that in the teacher’s book but, it affects students’ understanding of the lesson and their achievement of the lesson objectives.

2- Neglecting Vocabulary

A teacher may do that, particularly in the intermediate stage. Teachers should give regular oral and written vocabulary quizzes.

3- Missing The Most Important Goal For All Students

That is to learn to communicate because language is communication.  

4-Discouraging Students Speaking Up In Class

When a teacher overcorrects students and usually interrupts them while speaking, he/she helps them be reluctant to speak or participate in speaking activities.

5- Talking Too Much

A teacher should reduce the amount of talking by using mime, drawing on the board, or making pair and group work.

6- Reading Preparation Notes While Teaching

A teacher should study the notes for each lesson in advance.

7- Translating Each Item Into Mother Tongue

It means he/she will use very little English during the class.

8- Making The Class Climate Boring

By never smiling, praising, or telling jokes. The teacher should keep a sense of humor in the classroom to help students enjoy the lesson.

9- Starting The Lesson Directly & Formally

No warm-up questions or using a certain opener.

10- Asking Students, ” Do you understand? “

The teacher should never ask such a question because students are too shy to show their ignorance.

11- Ignoring The Importance Of Ongoing Classroom Assessment

Classroom assessment actually enables teachers to measure their own success and failure in the classroom helping them to know when lesson plans must be modified to meet the students’ unforeseen problems and urgent needs.

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