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12 Simple (Yet Powerful) Techniques For Classroom Management

Research shows that classroom management is one of the main preoccupations for novice teachers; in many cases, it may be more important than subject knowledge for them.  However, during preparing training courses for teachers, classroom management receives little attention when compared with more general aspects of the methodology.

What Classroom Management is

From my point of view, classroom management means that your students do what you want them to do. If you want them to laugh and have fun, they do, if you start to explain an important item in the lesson, they focus on learning, and if you want them to behave well during the class, they stick to the rules you set.

What Successful Classrooms are

Successful classrooms are those in which orders are not always being given and the teachers there aim ultimately at motivating and encouraging students to learn and reach their most potential. While teachers are doing so, their classes are being well managed and students are focusing on the learning and sticking to the agreed-upon rules.

In fact, if you cannot control your class, it will be impossible to teach anything.

You should follow a specific system and practical techniques to succeed in managing your class effectively so that you will be able to go toward achieving the set learning objectives.

Powerful Techniques for Classroom Management

Here are some of these techniques that successful teachers get accustomed to following along the school year in their classes and if you give them a try, you will make a difference in your classroom management.   

  1. Speaking at the students’ language level, giving them comprehensible language.
  2. Teaching according to the level and needs of the students.
  3. Creating a friendly and engaging learning environment in the classroom.
  4. Communicating clearly in a language the students can understand.
  5. Behaving well in class and acting confidently. Your shoulders and heads should be held high, your eyes should be kept in contact with the students’ eyes.
  6. Keeping moving around the room having control of everything therein.
  7. Being well planned and well organized.
  8. Making sure the students understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.
  9. Giving clear instructions for students to follow.
  10. Preventing bad behaviour and if it occurs you should deal with it immediately.
  11. Allowing the students to share some of the responsibility for creating a purposeful atmosphere in the classroom.
  12. Distributing classroom tasks among students such as cleaning the board, taking care of visual aids, collecting homework, distributing papers and materials, etc… The more responsibility students have, the more they will feel that it is their class and the more they will be managed by your instructions.

From my own experience, these techniques have worked well and I’m sure that if you try them with your students, you will have more motivated and enthusiastic learners.

Most importantly, if you follow these techniques and tips, you will have more time in your class for teaching and your students will enjoy learning.

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