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13 Remedial Activities and Procedures to Support Low-Achieving EFL Learners

You may recognize and identify a pupil as a low achiever if he/she is generally unable to learn the required knowledge and skills that enable him/her to achieve the established objectives.

Weakness Points of Low-Achieving EFL Learners

In addition to the lack of necessary knowledge and skills, low-achieving EFL learners may display an inability to:

  • Pronounce the set words correctly.
  • Participate in classroom activities.
  • Respond to some questions and situations with the appropriate language.
  • Give you the past and the past participle forms of regular and irregular verbs.
  • Use phrasal verbs in the correct way.
  • Understand gist, specific information and intentions.
  • Summarize the main points in a text heard, read or seen.
  • Compose short texts with at least two paragraphs.
  • Do homework and answer workbook exercises correctly.

Remedial Activities and Procedures

If you recognized one or more of the previous inabilities in some of your pupils, you would better do the following 13 remedial activities and procedures:

  1. Making flashcards and posters showing common regular and irregular verbs.
  2. Giving extra worksheets using common phrasal verbs.
  3. Practising more guided conversations and mini-dialogues.
  4. Doing more reading comprehension texts for gist and specific information.
  5. Giving worksheets to develop spelling knowledge, such as unstressed vowels, silent letters, pronouncing /ed/
  6. Encouraging learners to use read and summarize different “Graded Readers”.
  7. Giving extra worksheets to develop reading skills: Predicting, skimming, scanning, and guessing meanings.
  8. Training learners on how to write simple sentences using sentence patterns (subject-verb, subject-verb-object, subject-verb-adjective, subject-verb-adverb).
  9. Encouraging learners to participate inside the classroom using positive reinforcement.
  10. Communicating with parents to show their sons’ progress.
  11. Creating a competitive atmosphere in the classroom through playing games, crossword puzzles…
  12. Giving continuous feedback to both learners and their parents.
  13. Carrying out a remedial program to teach them the basic knowledge that they need to achieve the basic objectives of language learning.

A Remedial Teaching Program for Primary Pupils

I have already designed a remedial program that you can use to provide low-achieving EFL pupils with the basic knowledge and skills to achieve the established objectives of primary English courses.

Get it from Here

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