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4 Stages To Teach Paragraph Writing In The Classroom

Writing is a productive skill that enables students to express their feelings, thoughts, and knowledge. Students can improve their writing skills by practicing and repetition. their writing product should be monitored from the beginning of writing to the production of the final copy.

Here are the four essential stages to follow during the writing activity:

1. Pre-writing (Brainstorming and Organizing Ideas):

It’s the planning stage of writing during which you determine the topic and elicit all possible ideas to tackle when writing about this topic. You can write these ideas randomly on the board and you may use ideas’ maps to show them all. Then, with the help of students, you should organize the ideas telling students which idea to tackle first, second, etc. until the last one.

E.g. if the topic is “loyalty”, you can organize the ideas as follows:

  1. What loyalty means.
  2. Why it is important.
  3. Examples of loyalty.
  4. How to develop it.

2. Writing (Creating the First Draft):

In this stage, ask students to write the paragraph and tackle the ideas that were agreed upon in the first stage. Ask them just to focus on writing and expressing their feelings, thoughts, and knowledge without fear of making mistakes whether in spelling or in grammar. It is better here to specify a certain time to finish writing and stick to it.

3. Revising (Sharing for Editing):

Students, in this stage, share their writing products with one another. Sharing here is a good way for students to recognize writing as an effective tool of communication. Students make discussions with each other about their writing. They make corrections and give feedback to each other. You may show a revising checklist for students to depend on when reviewing the writing pieces in this stage.

4. Re-writing (Producing the Final Copy):

In this stage, students get their writing products with corrections. Ask students to rewrite the paragraph making the corrections needed. At last, they should deliver you the final copy of their writing to grade and give them any other feedback later.

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